Accessibility and Tips

Zoo Boo is a long-standing family tradition at the Detroit Zoo and we want to do what we can to ensure an enjoyable experience for all. Below are a few tips to help you prepare for your Zoo Boo experience.

Outdoor Conditions

  • Please come dressed for the weather. Zoo Boo is held in rain or shine.
  • Even though the event is primarily outdoors, masks are required in all indoor locations. We strongly encourage that all guests ages 5 and older were masks in areas where it may be difficult to maintain 6’ distancing or more from other groups.
  • The Zoo Boo trail has been expanded to allow for you to enjoy all 125 acers of the Detroit Zoo
  • Printed maps will not be available. Please download/view the event map below.
  • The Zoo is 125 acres. If you walk all the primary pathways on the main route, it is a 1.7-mile trip. Adding in smaller paths increases your distance.

**Map will be provided soon.


Wagons, Strollers, Segways and Bicycles

  • Guests are welcome to bring their own wagons and strollers.
  • Single and double strollers, wagons, wheelchairs and Electronic Convenience Vehicles (ECV) are available for rent at the Main Train Station (near the front of the park) and at the Africa Train Station (in the far corner of the park when the train is operating). Rented items cannot be taken on the Tauber Family Railroad. [ Convenience Rental Pricing ]
  • Segways, bicycles, and other self-propelled vehicles are not permitted at the Detroit Zoo.


Mask Policy

  • The Detroit Zoological Society has revised safety protocols. Regardless of vaccination status, face masks are required indoors for people age five and older. It is our goal to make the Zoo experience one that is safe for our visitors, staff and animals. Let’s work together.  Please be respectful, help each other and help protect the endangered animals.
  • As individuals infected with Covid can often be “asymptomatic” and still spread the virus, we encourage individuals who cannot wear a mask to rethink their Zoo visit.



  • Drop-off and Pick-up: If a member of your party has mobility limitations, there is a drop-off and pick-up up area in front of the main admission gates. Please follow the signs.
  • Wheelchairs and Electric Convenience Vehicles (ECV’s): We recommend that guests bring their own wheelchairs and electric scooters. A limited number of wheelchairs and electric scooters are available for rent at the Chrysler Main Train Station while quantities last. Wheelchairs are $10 and ECV’s are $28.


Special Needs

The Detroit Zoological Society is committed to accommodating individuals with diverse backgrounds and learning abilities. We have a strong desire to be autism- and special needs-friendly, and hope all families have an enjoyable experience!

    • Sensory Support:  Zoo Boo contains interaction with sound and live entertainment. You may want to consider bringing these items to support a sensory-friendly experience:
      • Noise-reducing headphones or ear plugs
      • Fidget tools
      • Weighted lap pad



  • All restrooms at the Detroit Zoo are equipped with an accessible stall and baby changing stations.
  • Family restrooms and our Mommy & Me nursing station will be accessible for the entire event.